Gone Fishin


Flashback to a trip I took to Morocco a few years back... these were local fishermen, oblivious (as fishermen usually are to everything but fishing) to the incredible waves breaking behind them.  We went on this trip for my friend's 40th birthday, a far better way to avert a midlife crisis than buying a Porsche or getting hair implants.  We went to the region of coast near Agadir, famous for its waves and not much else.  The place is gorgeous.

On this day we had surfed until we could surf no more.  Out in front of the place we were staying those fishermen posted up, wearing Moroccan robes.  Could have been anywhere - Mexico, Chile, even California.  I think like surfers, fishermen have a global tribe.

The backlit waves and the way that their poles were pointing provided a beautiful symmetry.  I love how a photo like this can take me back to that exact moment.  Check out more of my Moroccan portfolio by clicking here.