writing by will henry

All Pigs Go To Heaven
My first adventure to Madeira in 1995, published in The Surfer's Path.  Landslides, water spouts, and Moona's crazy driving.  It's a miracle I wasn't killed.

Angus the Surf God
The first article I ever published, in Blue Magazine, about my vrazy adevtures with Angus and how he earned the status of surf god - literally.

Canary Dreams
Saving the waves in The Canary Islands with co-author James Pribram.  Published in The Surfer's Path.

Oxen and Action
Real life story in Southern Chile.  Mapuche fishermen, masters of el buey, surfers and pulp mill poison.  Published in The Surfer's Path.

Full Haole Welcome
Pale, hairy white man goes to Hawaii and meets the reef with his face.  The curse of cool.  Published in Water Magazine.

Not Just Another Indo Boat Trip
Mid-life crisis?  No brand-new Porsche or 18-year-old girlfriends for these salty dogs - just a boat trip in Indonesia.  Published in The Surfer's Path.

Panama's endangered waves.  Co-written with James Pribram, published in The Surfer's Path.

Sea of Mirrors
The Salton Sea, one of California's greatest paradoxes.  Published in Blue Magazine.

Pulp Fact
Why you shouldn't be wiping your ass with white paper.  Pulp mills are bad.  Chile reality check.

Blazing Trails in British Columbia
My all-time single greatest surf trip, published in Surfing Magazine.  A life-long dream come true of discovering a world-class surf spot and being among the first to ride it.

Surfing Green
Yay, I got my picture in the magazines!  Surfing's Green Issue a few years back, with an article by Geoff Ragatz, as we foraged for waves in the deep south.

Exploring Chile's Nether Regions
Searching for unsurfed waves in Chile's deep south, starting with exploration by air.  Published in The Surfer's Path.