Whitewater magic


One of the most wonderful things about water is the many forms it presents itself in.  From falling snow to glassy-calm ponds, from glacier ice to frothing whitewater, these are just a few of the many wonderful ways in which water can be appreciated.  This image was captured by a GoPro, a small waterproof video camera which was mounted on the front of my surfboard.  Some surfers consider GoPro's an indication of extreme narcissism, as they are pointed right at your mug (and in some cases, they probably are).  The videos that these cameras produce on the front of the surfboard do not really properly capture the magnificence of the ride; but the still shots that you can pull out of the video sometimes do.

This shot was pulled from video that I shot on a trip to El Salvador last year.  It was a great day of surf, and I had just done an off the lip and was coming back down the face, and the spray from my maneuver was filling the air all around me.  The sun just so happened to be perfectly positioned right behind my head as well (no, I did not consult the gods or sacrifice a virgin to make that happen.)

I return to El Salvador in a few weeks - hopefully we can capture something different this time around.  The ocean never ceases to surprise and amaze.