Water Portfolio


about this series

Water is an obsession for me.  As a lifelong surfer and waterman, I suppose this is hardly surprising.  I have always lived in close proximity to the ocean.

If you're a chemist, you recognize the unique properties that water has - not only is it the giver of life, it is like no other substance in the universe.  Here on Earth it is in constant movement.  From liquid to vapor, it evaporates and forms clouds, then rain, then rivers which flow back to the sea in an endless cycle.

In this series I capture it in every form.  From cloud formations to flowing rivers, from still ponds reflecting the sky to crashing surf on the beaches.  With many of my shots I prefer long exposures, which blur the movement of the water.  I find that this technique better represents the way water makes us feel.  Still frame short exposures freeze water's movement in one place, but don't give us the visual effect of how it feels to sit on the beach for hours and listen to the surf.