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elemental victories


about this series


“Elemental Victories” is a series of photographs that explores humankind’s relationship with the natural world.  Each image in this series is produced with a large-format camera on a single negative, without the aid of computers.  

Most landscape photographers go to great lengths to find so-called “virgin” landscape, where there is no evidence of man’s interference.  Yet in today’s world, it is increasingly difficult to find places that have not been altered in some way by humankind.  Even in the farthest reaches of our planet, one can see a satellite streaking through the night sky, or find a rusty Coke can on the beach.

I find solace in the fact that despite our perceived dominance over nature, we are not invincible, nor are the objects we leave behind. Humans are still at the mercy of the natural forces that have shaped and changed the planet for eons. Powerful weather systems and the vastness of geologic time work together to erase most of Man’s blunders. The resilience of our planet never ceases to amaze me.