Desert Portfolio


about this series

For a period of time I explored the deserts of the Western US, from California to New Mexico (and even a little in Chile).  Leaving metropolitan areas of California and heading east provided a sense of freedom - you could really get away from it all, drive your truck down a dirt track for hours, and camp wherever the hell you damn pleased.  I especially was drawn to Nevada - it was like crossing over the border into another world.

I remember once visiting the ghost town of Bodie, CA.  I drove in pre-dawn to get the morning light, and immediately was accosted by a park ranger who said the park didn't open until 8 AM and I would have to leave.  So much for capturing that magic morning light, thank you officer.  

Nevada has ghost towns everywhere, and dirt tracks you can drive for days.  There are old rotting cars in the middle of nowhere, abandoned stores and homes and gas stations, and I loved the apocalyptic feel.  Here are some of my favorite shots from my many desert adventures.